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Acquisition of a kitchen set is a serious choice, which should be prepared in advance and very thoroughly. Before buying, you need to clearly determine the main factors, not forgetting about the little things.

Acquisition of a kitchen set is a serious choice, which should be prepared in advance and very thoroughly. Before buying, you need to clearly determine the main factors, not forgetting about the little things. In addition, the kitchen – a common room, and hence the decision to order a kitchen set, you must take with your family. It is advisable to come to a common decision at home to avoid quarrels and irreconcilable differences in the salon or store.

How to choose the right kitchen? This process can be easy and simple if you take into account the 10 basic rules and mandatory criteria for choosing a kitchen set.

  • Making accurate room measurements

To do this, you will need a tape measure, a sheet of paper and a pencil. With individual kitchen sizes, the choice will be correct and accurate. The main thing – write down all the necessary distances: height of ceilings, length of walls, distance to window sill, distance between door and window opening, etc.

  • Plan the kitchen

Decide on the arrangement of furniture (in one line, angle, n-shaped or island). Think and calculate the number of shelves, cabinets, cabinets and other pieces of furniture. Conduct an inventory of existing household appliances and kitchen equipment. What of the old situation will remain, and what do you plan to get rid of in the new kitchen

  • Making a detailed kitchen design on paper

This occupation is not only possible for professional designers, but for you. For drawing, an ordinary sheet in a cage will do. On a scale one should observe accuracy, for example 1 m – 2 cells. Place on your drawing all household appliances, cabinet and upholstered furniture, designate a plate, a sink, a refrigerator, a working surface, etc.

If you have a very small kitchen, try to use every meter of the square to the maximum, not forgetting the corners, the surfaces of walls, niches and so on. Save space and help the right choice of furniture, pay attention to the modular system and furniture-transformer

  • Think about the interior, define the style and palette of the kitchen

One of the most difficult solutions for many couples is the definition of the style of the interior and the color solution. The female gender strives for comfort and beauty, the masculine for functionality and simplicity of decoration. The ideal option is a compromise that
become a classic or modern style in neutral pastel colors. Add coziness and accents in the room can be using decorative elements, textiles, house plants, dishes.

  • Studying the Internet

If you do not have specific ideas or want to know about the latest trends in the furniture market – go to the sites of salons, online stores, factories, etc. In addition to new and new types for the kitchen, you can always find out the approximate cost of the sets for today

  • Determine the budget for the purchase of the kitchen

Plan the approximate amount that you can spend on buying a kitchen before visiting the furniture salon. Since the choice must be serious and conscious, it should be done in advance without getting impressed by the assortment or persuasions of the consultants. Knowing the approximate cost of products made of materials,
which you have chosen for your kitchen, you can calculate the approximate total cost of all furniture. Do not forget that the price is affected by the number of shelves, mechanisms, quality fittings, drawings on the facade, and so on

  • Going shopping

Decide on a few salons or shops, whose range suits you best, and be sure to visit them before buying. Make a so-called trial purchase. Communicate with the consultants, ask for advice on planning and choosing a kitchen based on your plan, suggest to compile a finished project on the computer.

  • choose content

Think about the number of cupboards and cabinets, and then choose “stuffing” and additional shelves. Consider and discuss with your family the need for each shelf, drawers and other stuff. Perhaps you are inclined to the built-in appliances in the new kitchen and some closets you absolutely need empty. Recognize the price for the entire “filling”, consult about all possible options for filling.

  • Choose household appliances

As a rule, in modern furniture stores, not only kitchen sets are sold, but also household appliances, lighting devices, decor and so on. To make a purchase in one place is always more profitable and easier. First, you can pick everything you need in one style and pick up by color. Secondly, for such a large purchase, as a rule, sellers make a discount.

  • Collection of a kitchen set
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