Advantages of ANOVA

  1. 18 years of experience in furniture production.
  2. Complete production cycle- at the entrance wood and lacquer-on finished kitchen. We do not use the services of contractors, which makes it possible to withstand the terms and ensure a stable quality.
  3. Trendy design and seasonal change in the collections of the model range.
  4. The kitchen cabinet is made of eco-friendly Egger or Cronospan, certified to the highest class E01, E0.
  5. The products are manufactured according to the DSTU, which is specified in the contract. All products undergo quality control at each stage of the production cycle. The warranty period for furniture is 24 months.
  6. Painting – using our furniture factory only high-quality paint materials of the Italy production (there is a certificate of conformity and hygienic examination for Ukraine), it gives an opportunity to guarantee high-quality coating of facades, as well as their safe use in the kitchen. Also, we provide a huge selection of colors for execution.
  7. Security. In the kitchens of our production, the carrying capacity of drawers and baskets of up to 60 kg is guaranteed. Their reliable work is designed for 160 000 and 200 000 nominations. The system for attaching hinged cabinets is designed for 130 kg of cargo.
  8. In the production of kitchens, we use individual design development of drawings, and the control assembly of products.
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