Our production

The production of ANOVA is 18 years of experience in creating kitchens. High-tech European equipment and qualified personnel is our main advantage. The production is adjusted taking into account the creation of kitchen furniture of any complexity in the optimal terms for the customer.

We took into account the world experience in the production of kitchen furniture, perfectly fitting all the processes. All materials used are certified for eco-safety. Our partners are the best world brands that have proved worthy in the market.

Our full cycle production technology guarantees end-to-end quality control. So produce kitchen furniture in European furniture factories. A full cycle allows you to control the products after each process, achieving careful detailed processing and quality at the highest level. View ready-made Anova kitchens, you can Here

Qualified designers, using the latest software, develop models of kitchens taking into account world design trends , ergonomics and rationality of furniture sets for the kitchen.

We meet all our clients, carrying out with understanding all the wishes of any complexity.

 Photo production of kitchens ANOVA

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