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In the near 2006, the views on the interior of several young designers came together and formed Design Studio ap-arc.com. The youth and freshness of the ideas of the children were very appealing to the customers. Unexpected design decisions made the space alive and unforgettable. The secret of success was that each project was based on solutions borrowed from nature. Naturalness is what each of us subconsciously chooses.

However, more and more often on the way to translating a conceived project into reality, designers began to face the difficulty of filling the space with furniture. They tried to work with many: whether they were famous giants or unknown firms, but no furniture company could technically and competently uncover the beauty of natural materials in furniture. Existing companies did not willingly reorganize themselves into new world trends in furniture design, since this required enough weighty financial and human resources.

In 2013, finally there was an opportunity to express the beauty of wood, stone, metal, glass in furniture, as the merger of Design Studio ap-arc.com and the company with 20 years of experience in the production of furniture “Excelellent” with the reorientation of the latter from the manufacture of carpentry products serial production of kitchens. Designs of the future furniture of design studio ap-arc.com are thought over to trifles. Even over the name of the company they thought for a long time and since Nature was the main source of inspiration, we wanted that there was heard a note of beauty of Ukraine’s natural wealth, that’s why the brand of Anova was dedicated to our pride, the richest to the representatives of the flora and fauna of the reserve of Ukraine-biosphere reserve “Askania- Nova. “

Developed kitchen designs were met very positively in the market of kitchen furniture by Ukrainian manufacturers and in the presentation of customers about the possibilities of using unusual natural materials and the interior space of kitchens. However, the designers did not stop there and follow the world’s ideas in design every year to please customers with unusual types of materials and facades.

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