Design by ANOVA team

In the last few years, the taste preferences of Ukrainians, who preferred a conservative, classical style, have evolved strongly. Now the use of gilding or patina has become a sign of bad taste, as well as any other manifestation of exponential luxury. For those customers who prefer expressive style that attracts attention, but it does not look too catchy, we created this model of the kitchen.

The relief surface of the facade has many degrees of complexity of the picture: starting from the three-dimensional panel, ending with a clipping bead. Also, a lot of attention was paid to the accessories-pens, decor elements and carvings. All of them perfectly combine with each other and create a unique ensemble, inherent only in factory kitchens of a high level. The facade material can be from ash, alder or MDF. We recommend installing a table top and an apron of the same material. This model kitchen is equipped with cornice120 mm, plywood and wooden boxes, built-in lighting (installation of opening sensors is possible).

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