Design by ANOVA team

This model of the kitchen is one of the most popular, because it fits both the classic and modern interior. The design of the kitchen is not a throw, restrained though and saturated with decorative elements. About the owner of an apartment with such a kitchen, you can say that he does not pursue luxury, but has a good taste.

Looking at the portfolio of completed objects, you can see how universal is its design – it can be found in both classical and modern interiors. The facet of the kitchen has a cut shape at an angle of more than 45⁰, which visually makes it more modern in relation to models with smooth contours. In this model the cornice is 100mm high, 50mm pilasters, original cutouts for handles in drawers adjacent to the countertop, the presence of a sub-karnish lath, the original system of organizers IN BOX, drawers hidden behind solid display cases. The advantages of ANOVA also include the lack of cuts at the outer joints of the cornices. There are variations in the manufacture of the facade: from an ash-tree array, so that the structure of the wood can be seen, from alder with a blind enamel or from MDF. In any case, it will be a quality product at a good price.

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