If you can not decide on the style of your kitchen, but you know for sure that you like coziness, soft rugs, fluffy carpets, cleanliness, classical literature and collection porcelain – you should pay attention to the traditional style of the kitchen.

The kitchen in the traditional style, in our time is popular, and enjoys high demand as the owners of spacious country houses, and ordinary city apartments. Professional designers are increasingly gaining inspiration in the classics, architecture and interiors of Europe and America, pay attention to fine antiques. Traditional kitchens bring comfort and warmth, coziness and permanence to the house. They are often referred to as elite, such interiors decorate the best houses. They do not go out of fashion, do not require additional changes over time.

The secret of the popularity of this style lies in a special atmosphere. In such rooms, every detail, every object – everything is connected by a common style, harmoniously and orderly. In creating a traditional style of cuisine using time-tested and most popular techniques, from elements of antiquity to our days. The main task, when creating such an interior – the correct balance of antiquity, cuisine in the classical style and modernity. It will give any room a personality, energy, identity and that unique highlight that will allocate it from a thousand.

Traditional cuisine decor ideas

A true interior design in a traditional style can not be finished with empty shelves, walls or a complete lack of decor. This is one of the main conditions, since it is the details that give the room a complete look. In the decor of modern traditional cuisine, at the peak of popularity, painting, sculpture and collections of rare, antique objects. It can be antique porcelain, old books, rare statues, exotic flowers or plants. It is important and the location of the decor, all objects in space should stand either in pairs or in small groups.

The final chord of decorating the kitchen in the traditional style will, of course, fabrics, carpets, all sorts of decorative details. Topical folds, heavy expensive fabrics, pleating, thin weightless tulle, lambrequins, textiles with a floral pattern, ornaments, lace. Ornaments for windows can be laconic Roman curtains, and lacy gossamer, and expensive curtains made of heavy luxurious fabric.

Secrets of finishing traditional cuisine

Elegant stucco harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen in a traditional style. It will fill the space between the floor, walls or ceiling, decorate window or doorways. With the help of stucco create luxurious fragments on the walls, moldings of artificial fireplaces, easily zonate the room, simulate space. The current trend of this year – carved patterns, not only in the transitions between walls and ceiling, but also on the whole area. In spacious rooms stucco looks elegant and aristocratic, but the owners of small kitchens should use it in small quantities.

Traditional color palette

In the choice of designer furniture in the traditional style is not accepted to use bright accents, too saturated, flashy colors. Preference is given to a neutral palette, noble shades, natural natural colors. The cream-beige scale predominates, gray, milky, chocolate. They are combined with deep red or burgundy, green and blue. However, in modern interiors you can see not only the traditional color palette, but also fresh juicy shades of greenery, turquoise, lemon shades.

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