Solid Leather and stone

Design by ANOVA team

Press release:

In the spring of 2016, ANOVA presented a new development of premium-class kitchen – Solid. It should be noted that the concept, according to which this model was created, takes into account all the current European trends, and for the Ukrainian market it is an innovative development! Why is it so remarkable, you ask?

Firstly, it is a combination of marble, steel and eco-leather: the texture contrast makes the construction incredibly spectacular, and the use of eco-leather in the finish does not break the stereotypes about what should be made furniture for the kitchen. The design of stainless steel above the kitchen island makes it possible to maximize the use of even a vertical space, adapting it to the storage of spices, measuring utensils and other accessories that you want to always have at hand while cooking.

Secondly, the Solid model uses an advanced opening system with Ship-on + bluemotion damping from Blum, which appeared only six months ago. It allowed to create absolutely monolithic facades with minimal gaps and at the same time as convenient and noiseless movement.

Thirdly, the innovative concept for Ukrainians is realized here, which conceals behind the facades.

This is the ideal solution for those who like minimal, not overloaded with small household appliances working surfaces. If necessary, the door is closed with a “creative mess”, and thus allows you to immediately bring the kitchen into the proper form – for example, when guests appear on it

And finally, the manufacturer has equipped the kitchen with a system of dividers of its own production and author’s wooden handles. Separators Inbox ANOVA with inserts from bent perforated stainless steel are made in any shape and size of any box. This is really a European level of execution of kitchen furniture, moreover, eight times cheaper than similar proposals from Italian masters!

Some kitchen configurations Solid Leather and stone

Конфигурация кухни Solid – 1
Конфигурация кухни Solid – 1
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