Classic kitchens from the company ANOVA – this is not a manifestation of conservatism, but an opportunity to create luxurious exquisite interiors. Classical cuisine is created for true connoisseurs of beauty and do not lose their grace for many years, since the classic is always relevant, it does not go out of fashion, it does not depend on trends and current trends.

Choosing a kitchen in the classical style, you emphasize the majesty of beauty. To the note for lovers of traditional styles of cuisine, You must necessarily spacious room room to emphasize all the beauty of the classical style. “Order the kitchen in Kiev you can have a preliminary agreement with the manager by phone.

Our products use valuable massifs of natural wood, reliable and durable fittings, environmentally friendly and durable materials. Our production is perfectly adjusted, it allows you to perform and control all processes: from the initial sketch to the collection of furniture.

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