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Kitchens to order Kiev – Anova

Without which room is it impossible to imagine a beautiful cozy house? Of course, without a kitchen. It is considered to be one of the most popular places in every house. This contributes to many factors: from the delicious smell of home-made food to a relaxed atmosphere of comfort. In modern kitchens it is difficult to underestimate the importance of furniture. It is in this room can not do without strong and functional storage systems, convenient and practical sets, comfortable upholstered furniture, beautiful shelves and other. As you know, ordering the kitchen, even in small apartments, you need to arrange at least two zones – working and dining. For each of them, you should choose the right furniture for the kitchen: functional, solid, suitable for stylistic solutions.

Despite the fact that the capital is crowded with furniture stores and shops, many Kyivites know that it is not so easy to order quality and beautiful furniture for the kitchen. You can choose a ready-made option, or purchase kitchens on request. After all, not only the comfort, but also the durability of the products depend on the choice of the company and the manufacturer. There are many criteria for selection of kitchen furniture set, we will stop on the basic elements:

furniture for the kitchen should be high-quality, durable, resistant to wear, chemicals, moisture, temperature changes, frequent washing and other factors
headsets or individual items, when ordering kitchen furniture should be combined with the appearance of household appliances, harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room, match the style of interior design and color solution
the kitchen should be practical and functional, which means that for each thing you need to find a place. This will ensure quality work and help maintain the ideal order from day to day
environmentally friendly materials. They are extremely important for the health and well-being of the whole family

In the modern market for home products, there has long been an excellent alternative to mass production – kitchens on order or designer furniture. It can differ in style, appearance, cost, functionality, quality, originality and so on. But there is a main criterion that unites any author’s furniture – it is exclusive and is created individually for each project, taking into account the parameters of the room, style, color, household appliances and many small details. That is why the designer furniture harmoniously fits into the interior of the house, emphasizing, and sometimes creating a unique atmosphere of home comfort and comfort.
In our catalog of kitchen furniture are the kitchens, the authors of which are the best Italian designers and our specialists. Thanks to a powerful production base and cooperation with leading manufacturers of materials and fittings, the kitchen, according to the order, meets high quality standards and is quite democratic at a price. The catalog of cuisines includes many models that will look great in any style of interior design: from classic to modern.

Order classic furniture for the kitchen

This style has always been considered an “elite” worthy of the best houses. Massive wood, gilding, countertops made of natural stone, carved decor elements. This is an impeccable option for a spacious city apartment, a luxurious country house, cottage or villa. For the owners, the kitchen in the classical style will be a source of pride for many years. For the manufacture of hull and soft furniture in the classical style use the best breeds of natural wood, good fabrics, ceramics, stone. Therefore, such products serve for decades, without changing the appearance. Classical cuisine decorates the interior of the house and pleases the comfort of two or three generations. Traditionally, kitchen sets are distinguished by a calm palette, elegant decor, luxurious furniture, symmetry and clear lines.

Modern kitchens

Furniture for the kitchen in the modern style is considered to be the absolute opposite of the classic headset. Everything is valuable in them: functionality, unusual design solutions, conciseness and minimalism, use of the latest materials and technologies. Significant differences between the modern kitchen can be seen in filling systems, high-tech mechanisms. Modern kitchen sets attract simple clear forms, bright clean colors, almost complete lack of decor. They are suitable for both spacious rooms and for minimal areas. Such a design of furniture for the kitchen will suit modern residents of megacities, people who value comfort and novelty.

Traditional Kitchen Furniture

If you grew up in a classic interior and admire the architecture of Europe of the last century – choose the best models of furniture for traditional cuisine . It is again at the peak of popularity, and every detail perfectly “works” to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Traditional kitchens are very warm and hospitable, in such conditions you want to live, create strong families, raise children and creativity

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