Designers and architects

For 15 years of work, ANOVA has accumulated a colossal experience of working with designers, architects, foremen, managers and authorized representatives. We understand the importance of regular customers for the company, we also know what architects appreciate in contractors first of all: quick response, reliability, priority in the order queue, normal prices with which you can work, responsibility for delivery, so that the customer is satisfied with the service provided . We are sure that once you try to work with us, you will appreciate the professionalism of our managers, designers and production team and this will be the beginning of a long, successful teamwork.

We are beneficially different:

  • The head of the sales department works directly with corporate clients
  • Exclusive innovative finishes and authentic structural elements can be a significant advantage when negotiating between the architect and the customer.

Your projects you can send us:

Or contact us by phone:  ‎(073) 414-41-66 Masuchenko Julia

Download 3D models of kitchens:

We have 3D models of somes our kitchens, to receive them - send a request to the mail

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